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Laurent Perrier Alexandra Rosé 2004

Birth of a Vintage
Only outstanding vintages are deemed worthy of a Grande Cuvée Alexandra Rosé. These exceptional years are eagerly awaited, yearned for…. Each harvest is closely monitored and gauged. Grape quality, sugar concentration, acidity, and potential for development are all scrupulously analysed and weighed in the balance by Michel Fauconnet.
Looking back at that spring of 2004, a lengthy period of wet weather gave way to what looked like being a sunny summer. The damp spring fed a profusion of bunches. Bucking every expectation, 2004 was simultaneously generous and opulent. September promised both quantity and quality: the bumper Champagne grape harvest beat all records. The first tests carried out in the vineyards confirmed the healthy state of the vintage. The consensus view among the experts was that 2004 was one of the greatest vintages in two decades.

The sensory experience
A tasting of Alexandra Rosé Millésimé is one of those all-too-rare moments – a unique sensory experience.
A first look reveals a very different world from those usually found in rosé champagnes. A delicate ring of bubbles circles the inside of the glass, enlivened by a fine, persistent stream of bubbles. The colour register is anything but the usual shade of redcurrant or raspberry. Instead, what you see illuminating the lead-crystal glass is a diaphanous amber-pink. More than a colour, Alexandra Rosé Millésimé radiates a special light – the light of a winter sunset on the rolling Champagne countryside, when the sky blazes orange in the last rays of the setting sun.
The nose of deliciously satisfying aromas of candied citrus is amplified on the palate. Next, a strong sensation of minerality structures the palate and the wine releases its tensions to deliver a succession of taste sensations. The range is wide, moving from the smoothly spicy to hints of metal, acid drop, and dried rose petals. But despite the obvious complexity, the senses never lose their way in this uniquely pleasurable experience. Alexandra Rosé Millésimé surrenders up its singular personality, which is simultaneously masculine in its intensity and its powerful structure, and feminine in the infinite delicacy of its colour and taste sensations. The experience is unforgettable.

The bottle and its Case
To do full justice to its rarity, Alexandra Rosé Millésimé could not be released in anything but a majestically refined bottle. Its singular form is worthy of the great master glassblowers of the 17th century. The unique line of its shoulders, the elegance of its long swan’s neck recreate the hand-blown bottles that contained the very first sparkling champagnes drunk at the French court.
The label is decorated with powdered gold. For this latest vintage, Alexandra Rosé Millésimé goes back to its origins, being inspired by the prettily rounded label of the original 1982 cuvée. The elegantly symmetrical semi-circular curves are accentuated by the choice of unobtrusive lettering. The gilded scrolls have been replaced by a fine, coppery edging. The bottle nestles in a new wooden box that enhances and shows this great cuvée off to perfection, reminding us that this is one of the great wines of Champagne, simultaneously a precious object and a delight to touch that is masculine, refined, and elegantly understated, in the image of the singular personality of Alexandra Rosé Millésimé.

And for the first time in his history, this exceptional wine is also being released in magnum format – the ultimate temptation.


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