vendredi 18 novembre 2016

The Macallan Lalique 65 Year Old

Celebrating The Macallan's Peerless Spirit

Color : Dark Walnut

ABV : 46.3%

Nose : Weighty and rich, with supreme balance. The aroma of honey-dipped vanilla mingles with cinnamon and dates.

Palate : Cracked black pepper awakens the taste buds, followed closely by cloves and roasted cocoa beans..

Finish : The viscous mouth feel and strong aromas build to an extraordinary finish of dark chocolate and smoked honey, signifying complexity only found in an expertly aged whisky of this exceptional quality. Quite simply, a peerless spirit.

The oldest spirit ever released by Macallan, this 65 year old expression is one of the only peated offerings from the Macallan Distillery. Put into the barrel in 1950 when fossil fuels were in scarce supply due to World War Two, this is truly a piece of history! Only 450 bottles released to the world, and Ace Spirits has one of them!

The Macallan Lalique 65 Year Old Single Malt Scotch
$ 34, 999.99

Ace Spirits : 800.578.3199

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